The Earthquake Center in Kópasker

The 14th of november 2007 The earthquake society was formally established and members were 36. 

Straight away the society started applying for grants and gathering data about the Kópaskers earthquake, that is paperclippings, photoes, stories and items. 17th og July in 2008 The earthquake center was opened as a pre exhibition. It was open for five weeks and welcomed. The municipality loaned the School house in Kópasker for the exhibition whilst school was down. 

Following this big posters were made and the gathering of items continued. The 17th of June 2009 the earthquake center was formally opened and is open between 1pm and 5pm every day during 1st of June to the 31st og August. 

The earthquake center goal is first and foremost to remember the Kópaskers earthquake that happened in 13th of January 1976 and was 6,3 Richters points. It though also serves as a center for enthusiasts regarding geology.  






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